Blockchain Group

The future is decentralized

Blockchain Xdev is the technological branch of The Blockchain Group family.
We are a mesh of blockchain engineers, developers, event organizers and digital marketers
helping blockchain projects fully harness the power of decentralized energy through our
development, marketing and media clusters.

Europe’s largest pool of cutting-edge blockchain engineers that are specialized in guiding clients of all sectors in making the most of decentralization technology no matter the transformation project.

The ultimate news cornerstone
providing professionals of all major
industries with the intelligence, support
and expertise to understand the ongoing
transformation of this decentralization

BountySource is a funding platform for
open-source bugs and features.

Each month, our panel discussions
connects worldwide blockchain experts
with key players in the business world by
exploring real scenarios and regulatory
approaches to keep on top of business.

Specialist in business intelligence, data
visualization and cybersecurity.