How a blockchain-based scheduling platform smooths the supply chain industry

The Blockchain Xdev developed a blockchain-based solution interconnecting different scheduling platforms to each transportation company’s available transportation slots.

Meet our experts

“We conducted research that demonstrates one truck out of four could be off the road by interconnecting agendas of the industry players.”

Stéphane Cren
Head of Innovation GS1 France

GS1 is the global, not-for-profit standardization organization created by business to facilitate information exchange and trade.

France is in the forefront of a supply chain blockchain consortium initiated by GS1. The global non-for-profit leader has partnered with The Blockchain Xdev and IRT SystemX to provide a standardization of the communication process in the supply chain.

The challenge

For the supply chain industry, efficiency can now only be found on a macro level, smoothing the entire chain of transport. That requires collaboration among often competing companies.

The outcome

A collaborative scheduling platform run within a trust environment where information can be exchanged smoothly between transportation companies.

The solution

One blockchain-based solution interconnecting different scheduling platforms to each transportation company’s available transportation slots.

Poor interoperability and communication

Digitalization has complexified the process of scheduling a transportation slot, as various scheduling Platforms have emerged. Transportation companies need to deal with as much as 30 different systems.

Transportation slots are not dynamically managed in real time to adapt to changing situations (traffic delays, unexpected events). Truck drivers often spend more time waiting than driving.

Trust drives efficiency

We’ve developed a collaborative tool for Transportation and Logistics companies running on a decentralized platform. It allows them to communicate and share in a trustworthy environment via one user-friendly interface:

  • Transportation slots and real-time tracking data through the distributed ledger. Various agendas are interconnected, and transportation flows are tracked and certified.
  • A collaborative optimization process – a smart contract allowing dynamical rearrangement of scheduled slots dependent on effective tracking data and potential issues.
  • Slots can be valued in order to provide a dynamic market between the various transportation companies.

A sustainable, scalable and neutral communication protocol

The Blockchain Xdev has designed and delivered the first proof of concept. It has demonstrated its practical potential:

  • An industry wide consortium blockchain traces and certifies data around scheduling.
  • Workflows are interconnected and automated between all stakeholders, allowing dynamically re-arrange schedules.
  • An application layer can be interconnected to the partner’s existing infrastructure through an API.

The Ethereum blockchain-based booking tool backed up by cross-player data will enable its users to optimize their schedule thanks to an internal algorithm. The solution will provide relief to big companies by cutting down costs and time.

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