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“We chose Blockchain Xdev for the development of a blockchain MVP, that they carried out from start to finish. From identifying the industry’s pain points, to showcasing how blockchain could be deployed as a solution for our use case, until the final stage of the application’s development.”

Iris Taguet Zintl
Blockchain Program Manager at Air France-KLM

“Derivatives lifecycle management consists of a multitude of manual and expensive processes with high operational and regulatory risk. The innovative solution we’re implementing is made possible thanks to the support of The Blockchain Xdev and the competence of its teams.”

Daniel Ivanier
Founder and CEO Fragmos Chain

“We chose The Blockchain Xdev because of their team’s proven expertise in the blockchain and look forward to starting our development.”

William Auriol
Co Founder at Unbank


Digital car passport

Five major insurers plus a leading automaker shape the future of the used car market with The Blockchain Xdev

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Peer to peer energy trading

What if you could sell your energy at a high price and buy it at a low price? EDF and Valeo demonstrate the potential of energy trading using Vehicle-to-Grid

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Peer to peer banking

How to pay, transfer and withdraw money without a bank? With a decentralized Blockchain payment service, such as the one Unbank launched

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Luggage Service Level Agreement

How to figure out which contractors delayed or lost a piece of luggage at the airport? This is the challenge that Air France-KLM posed to The Blockchain Xdev

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Post-Trade service for OTC derivatives

Financial markets post-trade operations teams encounter many issues at every stage of the trade lifecycle processes. Learn how Fragmos Chain solves this pain point

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Supply Chain

Collaborative Supply Chain Agenda

GS1, the global non-for-profit organization, smooths and optimizes transportation and logistics with a united Blockchain-based scheduling platform

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