We create new business opportunity based on Blockchain technology

We offer a complete range of services from consulting to blockchain development, from design to production

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We offer consulting services from blockchain education to business case and technical analysis to jumpstart ideation and explore blockchain opportunities that make sense


We articulate the implementation of your project with legal, technical and business experts, to assess its value to your organisation, investors and other stakeholders and define an action plan

Blockchain Solutions

We help businesses of all sectors expand their capabilities by providing custom private or public blockchain end-to-end development solutions

Token Solutions

We support our customer through their asset tokenization projects from issuance to connection with business networks

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Choosing the right Blockchain

We are Blockchain-agnostic embracing all technologies that help move businesses forward

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Development of a Digital Interbank Currency (DIBC)

Caisse des Dépôts, BNP Paribas CIB, CA CIB, The Blockchain Xdev and Tokeny agree to explore the development of a Digital Interbank Currency (DIBC)

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Xdev at the Institut Telecom Evolution

The Blockchain Xdev is a partner of the Blockchain Architectures training provided by the Institut Telecom Evolution.

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Digital car passport white paper

A call is made to all players in the sector who wish to join this innovative approach to innovation in Europe. A white paper detailing this collaborative approach is available for download.

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Business + Innovation

Building upon research is part of our DNA.

IRT System X joined forces with Xdev, one of the top eight technological research institutes established by the French Gouvernent to support entreprise innovation using emerging technologies.

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