Leverage the power of Digital Securities with a simple and scalable all-in-one platform.

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More transparent.
Easier to manage.
Faster to trade.
Digital assets are changing the world of finance.
It is time to change with it.


Why Eniblock Tokenize?

Tokenize platform’ offers a complete suite of tools for issuance, management, investment & transfer of security tokens on private or public blockchains.


Easy to understand, integrate & maintain.


Integrate any functionality responding to your business needs.


Connection to your business tools & systems (e.g. KYC provider, CMS or ERP).


Audited security of our platform & smart contracts design.

Case Study : How is Logical Pictures rethinking the asset management business?

The Eniblock platform is simple, modular and easy to use. Blockchain complexity is completely abstracted away, and we can concentrate on the business. More than a platform provider, Blockchain Xdev is a partner who has impressed us with their professionalism, agility and understanding of our specific needs.

Fred Fiore

CEO of Logical Picture

When our clients use Eniblock Tokenize and work with Blockchain Xdev, we know that they have partnered with a team of highly recognized experts capable of leading innovative projects with a pragmatic and efficient approach.

Matthieu Lucchesi

Attorney at Law at Gide Loyrette Nouel

Offer a 360° digital investor experience

  • Whitelabel Interface to manage investors experience, from onboarding to portfolio with a fully customizable interface
  • Keyless digital wallet enabling investors to access digital securities with delegated custody
  • Automatic reporting based on onchain & offchain data

Control your tokens and your cap table

  • Token Management: issue an unlimited number of tokens & control their supply
  • Investor Management: streamline your KYC & AML process, whitelist & blacklist accounts
  • Cap Table Management: record ownership on the blockchain & transfer your digital securities

Improve Liquidity in private markets

  • Compliant Secondary Market liquidity solution: P2P secondary market bulletin board
  • Delivery vs Payment settlement solutions: payment in cash or crypto with no counterparty risk


Secure by design


2 factors OWASP compliant authentification process.

Multi Signature

Fully customizable transaction signature process with issuer administration rules.


Investor private keys are safely stored in a vault encrypted database.

Recovery Suite

The Issuer keeps full control over the assets and may recover to a safe state at any time.

Our Mission is to democratize access to the Digital Asset Revolution, to foster more efficiency, transparency and inclusivity in the world of finance


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