Next generation of digital assets’ custody solution.
Enterprise ready.

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Digital assets management made easy.
Secure your clients’ assets in custodial or non-custodial mode.
Fully customizable to respond to your organization & business policies.


Why Eniblock Secure?

Eniblock Secure manages your enterprise’s digital assets for you. Choose between custodial or non-custodial modes, and define your own rules.


Supports all major blockchain protocols and crypto-assets.


User friendly interface offering a keyless experience. Both web & mobile.


Secured by an advanced cryptographic solution based on a Multi-Party Computation protocol.


Custodial & non-custodial mode. Define access policies for each asset. Manage your team, their roles & access level.

How Unbank safely manage their clients cryptocurrencies?

Secure is used by my company’s management team & our users to manage their NFTs. Having one solution to cover both use cases is really handy.

Arnaud Saint-Paul

GIVE Nation

Control your team & clients accounts access policies for each digital asset

  • Define roles and groups of users with specific rights
  • Define accounts and associate them to multiple roles and groups
  • Define custom workflows for each digital asset adapted to your organisation

Full compliance with regulations

  • Trust score report on recipients addresses before transfers
  • Event log of all actions that took place on your platform
  • Report file for each transfer. Access/export PDF reports with all relevant data

Monitor the evolution of your asset portofolio

  • Track key metrics of assets under your management using the dashboard
  • Email notifications in real-time for all important events
  • Follow progress of clients requests handled by your team

Enterprise ready crypto wallet suitable to any industry.
We bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi.


End-to-end security

Strong Authentication

3 factors OWASP compliant authentication process.

Multi Party Computation

Keyless cryptographic protocol to sign transactions without Single Point of Failure.


Key recovery system, in case of key losses you can regain access to your assets.

Risk Managment

Get a full investigation report on the recipient activity based on AI, define daily/monthly payment limits, control access levels of your partners.


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