Suite of tools to deploy, manage & monitor your blockchain business network.

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Develop enterprise ready blockchain solutions
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Why Eniblock Connect?

Just one product to build, manage & host your blockchain solution, participants and smart contracts on a cloud-based infrastructure

Rapid Provisioning

Blockchain network deployment & network topology update simplified.

Proactive Monitoring

Metrics configuration (based on smart contract interface/introspection) & tailored alarms.


Reduced complexity on developer
& network operations.

API as a Product

Blockchain orchestration APIs for long-term value at scale. APIs designed to evolve along customer & technological needs.

“We chose Blockchain Xdev for the development of a blockchain MVP, that they carried out from start to finish. From identifying the industry’s pain points, to showcasing how blockchain could be deployed as a solution for our use case, including the application’s development.”

Iris Taguet Zinti

Blockchain Program Manager Air France-KLM

Build secure & robust blockchain applications

  • Define & manage business participants and network topology
  • Store & tightly control access to keys to securely sign blockchain transactions
  • Secure & automatize governance rules with business network participants

Keep a Full-stack visibility and enterprise-grade monitoring

  • Maintain overall health of your blockchain solution thanks to our customizable tools. Set alarms, monitor & explore them according to your metrics and events

Be prepared to scale

  • Run your blockchain solution in a infrastructure adapted to your project’s maturity
  • Configure & be ready to adapt to include more applications and participants
IaaS to create customized virtual IT
infrastructures to meet your needs


Our Components

Messaging Protocol

A lightweight transactional message-bus to optimize blockchain transactions.

Blockchain API Gateways

Fully managed services for easy integration, to inject, forge & monitor blockchain transactions

Account and Key Management

Single sign-on with Identity and Access Management integrated within the platform.
Keys are generated, encrypted & stored in a Vault.

Smart contract Management

Commit and push smart contracts in local or external repositories for deployment. Rest API generation for external services.


Access to the Digital Asset Revolution, foster more efficiency, transparency & inclusivity in the world of finance


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