Backbone to streamline data collaboration on private or public Blockchains.

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Enter the era of new data economy.
Set up your business collaboration network.
Buy, sell & compute data while preserving privacy.


Why Eniblock Collaborate?

Collaborate platform enables regulatory compliant & privacy-preserving data access, sharing and computation


Set your data sourcing. Define GDPR compliant data sharing policies across your organization & with your business partners.

Easy Integration

API based services for easy asset certification & management.

Enterprise Ready

Cloud enterprise ready service for network provisioning, orchestration & monitoring.

Technology Agnostic

Multi-blockchain support. Public & private blockchains.

The Blockchain Xdev in conjunction with IRT SystemX federated leaders of the automotive industry to build a blockchain-based trustful car data platform. The Passport for Connected Cars (PCC) initiative, is supported by PSA, Mobivia, COVEA (MAAF, MMA, GMF), Matmut, Crédit Agricole Pacifica, Inter Mutuel Assistance within others

Blockchain Xdev key expertise in Blockchain based data collaboration was crucial to build the automotive industry consortium focused on fair & transparent car data sharing

Aldric Loyer


Asset certification

  • Connect relevant data sources related to your assets
  • Create secure, immutable & verifiable proof for your assets
  • Leverage end-to-end asset life cycle management

Engage in data collaboration with your business network

  • Secure and automate data collaboration rules with business network participants
  • Engage in data collaboration in a safe & secure manner

Leverage insights from trustful data sharing

  • Monetize your data & develop new business opportunities
  • Compute insights from your business network in a privacy preserving manner


GDPR compliant by design


Data sharing consent transparent
& auditable.


Data access rules fully controlled
by consortium members.


Trusted computing mechanism enabling safe & secure data sharing.


End-to-end sensitive data encryption.

Leverage existing markets & open up new opportunities by building the grounds for a large, secure, and fair data-market.


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