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Streamline tokens creation and management with a robust engine and simple to use interface to consolidate your tokens: Stable coins, STO, ICO, NFTs, and basically any token morphology you can imagine.
  • STO, ICO & stable coins

    Create, manage and consolidate your assets into security tokens, initial coin offerings &  stable coins with an intuitive user interface. Define their compliance and workflows all in one place, including onchain payout calculations & distribution

  • NFT & Metadata tokens

    Streamline the creation of metadata holding tokens: NFT, NFT series, and FT. Granularized management for content creation, decentralized storage, minting and distribution. Specially designed for creative industries and applications.

  • Digital twins

    Digitize physical assets, create a unique representation on the blockchain to prove authenticity, continuously link data and history, and gain direct connection to the asset owner to leverage your business.

  • Streamlined asset creation

    Custom & predefined templates for you to create all types of digital assets with an intuitive user interface, save drafts and collaborate in the creation process. Manage configuration, emission and evolution using templates.


Count on the most sophisticated custody & settlement methods available with the simplest user experience in the market. Complex workflows, batch operations, on-chain, off-chain and mixed settlements methods automated. Double down on reliability with our modules adding an extra layer of control and the possibility to roll back in case of unexpected situations.
  • Ledger nano integration

    Seamingly integrate Ledger Nano  –Certified secure chip (CC EAL5+)– for your business and employees accounts. Minimize the risks, while handling all your cryptos and tokens. Claimed world’s most popular hardware wallet.

  • Authorisation for access & sharing workflow

    Easily define complex authorisation or signature workflows with a simple graphical user interface. Define roles, permissions, transactions thresholds and policies for funds management.

  • Threshold signature scheme TSS

    Simplify to a maximum Private Keys management’ user experience. With our proprietary Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) protocol users experience remains simple and security levels are not compromised. Private Keys are handled jointly by the user and Eniblock platform, and just one wallet for all blockchain technologies.

  • Batch payment

    Automate blockchain payments by importing a .csv file with every individual payment request, only one signature and receive every transaction confirmation. Available with most used crypto and customizable for specific tokens.

  • Delivery vs Payment

    Configure payment workflows adapted to your business. Choose the delivery vs payment that fits your needs, from Token swap (pure blockchain atomic swap), Token vs fiat exchange (developed in partnership with LiquidShare) and Token vs wire transfer.

  • Recovery system

    Activate the rollback recovery system for tokens created within the platform, adding an extra security safety mechanism to rollback to a previous state for a given token in case you need to re-establish the state of the accounts.

  • Delegated & self custody wallet

    Create, use & manage wallets for your business, collaborators and end-users, with different governance configurations, self or delegated custody or business specific wallet.

Data management

Leverage your data by automating sharing & accessing information with business partners & users. Granularly manage access to data, automate monetization agreements with data tokens & reinforce GDPR compliance. Exploit access to information with our computing protocols, access to new valuable sources of information, share & monetize your data without having to disclose it. Leverage IoT & Oracles, feeding directly your systems to fully automate your applications.
  • Confidential computing

    Leverage your information for collaboration and monetization, without having to disclose it. This module uses hardware-based protocols and algorithms that allows computation of encrypted information.

  • Transparent computing

    For consortiums and other business applications where data and its computation has to be transparent, everything is verifiable onchain, giving you, your partners and final users all information needed for full trust and auditing purposes.

  • Oracles & IoT

    Bridge your blockchain application to the outside world using Oracles and IoT for transparent, trustable and automated data input. Make your off-chain data dependent smart contracts fully automated, by linking them to the off-chain world.

  • Data privacy

    Proprietary encryption methods and data siloing to allow for data privacy on public tezos blockchain. We provide all mechanisms needed to use this information while remaining private.

  • GDPR enforcement

    Users’ data privacy and confidentiality is reinforced through data access control mechanisms, ensuring each actor only accesses data they are authorized to in each step. 

    Efficient and robust data control for the user to manage access rights, sharing consent & information portability. All while ensuring a transparent and untampered on-chain registry for audits.

  • Data access traceability & data reward token

    Request & give one-time information access to consortium partners. On-chain data requests & authorizations registry in full transparency with traditional access token technology. Monetization, audit and fair collaboration is made possible with a fully automated ledger.  Data sharing protocols are reinforced on-chain without introducing further complexity to your databases.

User management

Simply define all aspects of user management, from login and accounts, through legal policies all the way to granting granular access to data or assets. Manage in just one place, private and business accounts, white & blacklisting by accounts & tokens.
  • White & blacklisting

    Control access to your platform and/or tokens, allow or deny access to identified individuals, institutions, blockchain addresses and software.

  • User federation, Multi Factor authentication

    Federate user accounts for your blockchain software. Keep it simple and secure for your collaborators and users, with single sign on (SSO) technology.

  • Accounts, roles & access mgmt

    Manage account roles and access to facilitate access control and ensure security. One place to manage business accounts for you and your partners, collaborators -with different access rights- and personal accounts for your users.


Automate & ensure compliance with legal requirements, from onboarding, documents creation, signature & storage, users subscriptions, KYC & AML. Verify blockchain addresses trustfulness before engaging. Customize & automate reporting of operations and generate tax declarations for your on-chain revenue.
  • Document mgmt

    Organize documents workflow, including documents generation, secure online signing, automate documents submission, third party involvement & safe storage all integrated in your platform. Reduce time, costs and complexity and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

  • Automatic reporting & Tax declarations

    Customize and automate reporting of operations to simplify communication with stakeholders, gain business insights or make official declarations.

  • Trust scoring

    Verify recipient blockchain addresses for all on-chain transfers. Determine recipient blockchain addresses’ truthfulness based on their transaction history, black/whilisting appearances, and other interactions on the blockchain using AI & Big data, with this module co-developed with Trimane.

  • Onboarding, KYC & AML

    Register & onboard users and stakeholders within the platform. Customize your onboarding process, automate documents creation and subscription, and guide the user through their required legal declaration. Several onboarding processes, KYC and AML systems can be defined and/or integrated in parallel.


Integrate via API our white-label marketplace features into your e-commerce, website or mobile app. Most used functionalities, for both primary and secondary marketplaces, innovative sales morphologies for your assets, automated listing and much more.
  • Business & data services catalog

  • Secondary market bulletin board

    Keeping control of the primary & secondary market will increase your access to information, leverage these for you and your users with the secondary market bulletin board to expose statistics and trends.

  • Morphologic assets

    Adapt your offerings to business strategies by shaping your assets to your needs. List for sale assets with Unlockable content, in Bundles or even in Atomic bundles to tackle your industry specificities.

  • Price, Payment & delivery

    Offer flexibility and usability on payment vs delivery methods: token swap (with your own or tier alt-coins), cryptocurrencies, credit cards & wire transfer. Configure different methods and tie them to document management and traditional systems.

  • Primary & secondary listing mgmt

    Fully manage primary & secondary offerings: pre-commands, fundraising, orders & listings. Keep control on access & behaviours to your marketplace, to ensure everyone feels safe. Create & manage your offerings: payment methods, automatic sale-window activation, delivery & buyback.

  • White-label marketplace

    Integrate your digital assets sales into your existing e-commerce, website or mobile app with our business-ready whitelable marketplace. Include your tokens offering into your existing applications and platforms, and keep consistency in your brand image


Access all information related to your blockchain activity, generate reports, gain insight into your business, optimize blockchain performance and connect your BI and existing systems through API to have a global view of your operations.
  • Transactions history & insights

    Access a log of transactions affecting your data and assets. Customize dashboards and access KPIs values that will help you make informed decisions. Feed your BI systems with our log reports.


Enrich your interactions with partners and users by automating email notifications, and sharing selected good quality content directly on the platform with our RSS feed.
  • RSS feed

    Standardize your content distribution and help users and stakeholders to stay up-to-date with related news, websites, newsletters, software updates all within the platform.

  • Email notifications system

    Stay connected with your users and stakeholders through the platform, specify distribution lists related to roles or tokens ownership, and engage them to leverage your business.


Interface your business applications with any of the most popular blockchain technologies. Eniblock Connect, one single API gateway to manage all blockchain interactions, on any blockchain.
  • Eniblock Connect: Blockchain API Gateway

    Interface your business applications with any of the most popular blockchain technologies. Use one single API for all blockchain interactions, from transactions, storage and accounts management. Seamlessly integrate several blockchains to your business and be always ready to migrate to the blockchain that is better suited  for you.

Art industry

Art galleries, auction houses, museums & companies engaging in the commerce of art can now leverage art works & additional services with NFT. Creating a digital representation of every type of artwork: sculptures, photographs, street art, digital art and proposing additional services, such as patronage, printing & exhibition facilitation, accessing to a greater & more diverse public and changing paradigms on artists’ support & compensation.

  • Issue ownership & authenticity certificates as digital twins or original digital artwork
  • Enlarge your audience & artists base by leveraging your digital presence with NFT
  • Propose additional services as printing, metaverse access & exhibition facilitation
  • Automate & innovate royalties systems
  • Implement & automate patronage systems

Media & Entertainment

The media & entertainment industry faces a paradigm shift with blockchain. Innovative ways to deliver, consume & pay for content and fans engagement are made available. Copyright & advertising, in particular, can benefit from greater transparency & lower logistical costs.

  • Develop your fan economy, engage in new ways
  • Create unique collectibles & experiences to monetize your talents, content & brand
  • Automate & innovate royalties systems
  • Implement & automate patronage systems


Traditional games & gaming possibilities and new business opportunities are numerous. The benefits of valorizing ownership in the digital & real realm, with collectibles, portable & tradable assets, virtual coins, point systems & badges, broadens business models possibilities to your imagination.

  • Streamline the creation of digital assets with templates
  • Shape your assets morphology to your needs
  • Facilitate digital assets portability on games, social media & metaverses
  • Integrate digital assets to your game through API
  • Tackle your industry specificities with customized metadata

Retail fashion & luxury

Retail fashion & luxury brands historical pain points can be tackled and customer experience enhanced by embracing the benefits of blockchain. Either independently or in consortiums, brands can recover direct access to customers, fight counterfeiting & grey markets, & enhance their operations, particularly on supply chain transparency.

  • Issue ownership & authenticity certifications for your products
  • Redefine your brand’s experience
  • Bring transparency to your good practices & increase consumer trust
  • Recover direct access to your consumers & secondary market

FMCG & industry

FMCG brands can regain access with consumers & enhance user experience by addressing them directly, increase supply chain transparency & efficiency, and share this data to increase customer trust. Numerous pain points of this industry can be tackled either independently or in consortiums on the blockchain.

  • Recover direct access to your consumers & revamp consumer experience
  • Promote your brand in metaverses & social media through customers & influencers
  • Create new business opportunities with digital collectibles
  • Ensure asset lifecycle traceability and monetize business data
  • Design & implement multi-party business services for clients

Asset Management & Real Estate

Asset & real estate management can be fostered in multiple ways thanks to blockchain technology: expansion of the investable universe, automation of compliance, client onboarding & KYC, optimization of post-trade operations, increased transparency & efficiency all while lowering fees.

  • Manage your cap table & keep direct access to your investor base
  • Define & integrate legal compliance processes & systems, lowering costs
  • Engage in new ways with your shareholders to increase attractiveness
  • Enlarge your investor base by lowering your minimum investment
  • Simplify & secure cash flows, simplify fiscal declarations and audits

Capital Markets, Hedge funds & fundraising

All actors of capital markets, hedge funds & fundraising are significantly benefited by the use of blockchain technology. Increased transparency & liquidity, optimised settlement times & costs, and increased control of the entire lifecycle of financial assets.

  • Increase transparency and liquidity in primary & secondary markets
    Decrease securities settlement time from days to minutes
  • Optimize post-trade reconciliation & cost
  • Access to Defi protocols proposing higher returns
  • Control your fundraising with ICO or STO & manage your cap table


Insurance industry can radically transform operations with the help of blockchain by enabling faster verifiable data exchanges, transparency for all parties, significant efficiency gains, cost savings, payouts times & fraud mitigation.

  • Increase efficiency in information exchange with partners
  • Automate audit without disclosing information to reduce frauds
  • Automate quotes, claim resolutions & payment through smart policy
  • Rethink insurance policies and engage in new ways with your customers

Fintech, Banks & Neobanks

Financial actors are embracing blockchain technology thanks to the multiple benefits they can harness from it, optimizing & innovating on payments, fundraising, credits, clearance, securities & policy compliance. Reduced costs, automation, seamless integration to existing systems, and the possibility to expand their service catalog.

  • Reduce costs & delays in cross border payments
  • Expand your services with crypto assets & payments and DeFi protocols
  • Gain direct custody of your digital assets
  • Integrate with existing accounting & bookkeeping systems
  • Automate legal compliance mechanisms and integrate  AML & KYC systems

Data industry

Data industry actors can benefit from the transparency & automation potential of blockchain technology to regain trust from the public. Reinforce regulation compliance & consent management, creating insights from data processing, foster collaboration and creating new business models are just a few of the potential benefits for this industry.

  • Enforce GDPR compliance and consent management
  • Certify, control & monetize industrial data
  • Gain insight with performance & operations data dashboards
  • Guaranty identity & data persistence
  • Leverage data with AI, transparent  & confidential computing


Healthcare industry actors can all benefit from the use of blockchain technology: from identity verification, healthy behaviour incentivisation, patient consent and data sharing & access permissions, medical & pharmaceutical supply chain management, and fraud mitigation.

  • Patients data management & sharing
  • Guarantee respect of regulatory frameworks (GDPR, CCPA)
  • Leverage data with health indicators & activity dashboards
  • Monetize & analyse data without disclosing it
  • Guaranty identity & data persistence while keeping confidentiality

We have built a robust engine & simple to use interface to consolidate your tokens: Stable coins, STO, ICO, NFTs, and basically any token morphology you can imagine. Manage, list & streamline tokens creation, lifecycle, offering & integration to your systems with our Tokenization and Marketplace dedicated modules. Our Communication module rounds up the user experience by giving you a direct communication channel to partners & users by email & rss feed. Ensure the highest standards in security & user experience with our Wallet and User management modules that simplify complex interactions with the blockchain for you, your partners and customers.
Blockchain technology allows for new business and collaboration models to emerge, our Data management, Operations & Compliance modules open several doors to make those possible, all while enforcing compliance to current regulations. Create solutions across multiple blockchain technologies with our infrastructure module serving as a gateway between web 2 and web3.

Eniblock business-ready solutions

Eniblock business-ready solutions are pre-modeled solutions for industry verticals. Built from the ground up combining Eniblock platform’s modules. We leverage our customers expertise and ours combined to offer your digital asset business to be production ready.

Our modular, white-label solutions have been imagined, assembled and proved to solve for industry specific use cases. They are customizable, designed for simple integration with existing systems and easy to deploy.