Logical Pictures launches the first Security Token offering (STO) of the media industry in Europe.

Logical Pictures partnered with Blockchain Xdev to launch the first blockchain based film fund. Combining traditional finance with exclusive benefits for their shareholders to create a multidimensional experience.

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Logical Pictures is a French media group, with several branches specialised in the content industry:

film production & financing, international sales & distribution, and software development specialised in the cinema industry. Founded in 2016, by Frédéric Fiore, Logical Pictures has quickly become recognised internationally, having many of their films projected on renown film festivals and having distributed, among others, the film Parasite, winner of Palme d’Or & the Oscar for Best film in 2020. 

Frédéric Fiore & Logical Pictures, have been pioneers of the intersection between blockchain and the seventh art, having developed several blockchain-based softwares and establishing in 2021 a films and series production fund digitised on the blockchain. Creating a fund of up to 100M€ for the coproduction of films and series by launching the first Security Token offering  (STO) of the media industry in Europe.

Addressed key points

Logical Pictures, with the help of the Eniblock platform, leverages blockchain technology and investment funds on the film industry by tackling key points: transparency, liquidity & investors’ engagement.

  • Transparency on the fundraising process and dividends distribution
  • Shares liquidity on primary and secondary market
  • Engagement of shareholders through exclusive benefits 


The use of blockchain as a technological backbone allows for incremented performance on this traditional activity. By reducing the costs of registration, onboarding and subscription operations for investors and distributors, this apparently trivial benefit, decreases the entry threshold for investment considerations to 100,000€ impacting directly the size of the target audience on the primary market. As a longer term impact, given that the use of blockchain guarantees the authenticity of the shares and simplifies its peer-to-peer exchange, the marketplace proposed by the Eniblock platform in partnership with LiquidShare, will allow investors to sell their shares in cash to other already whitelisted investors.


The utilisation of Tezos  public blockchain brings transparency to the automation of dividends distribution among shareholders, profiting as well from blockchain efficiency by reducing cost, risk and increasing efficiency. 

Eniblock Tokenize, supports the creation and management of the fund, on the design and emission of the tokens representing shares, and by integrating traditional processes done in partnership with several distribution channels.

Registering, onboarding and subscription of stakeholders, is all provided by the platform. The platform includes modules that automatically create subscription forms and other necessary documents, automatically submitting them to the bank, along with a compliance onboarding that guides the user through their required legal declaration. 

Eniblock Tokenize’s flexibility allowed the customisation of this onboarding, adding supplementary layers specific to each distributer legal constraints; integrating several KYC and AML systems in parallel (like the one from BNP Paribas bank, official partner of Logical Pictures for this fund), enabling every submission to be done through the white-label investors Eniblock platform.


Logical pictures introduces a new level to fund investment, by connecting shareholders to the projects they are supporting by giving them access to exclusive benefits, directly related to the projects they are supporting with their investment. In order to  leverage the interest of people on the films industry and to compensate investors, Logical Pictures introduces different complementary tokens: a utility token that gives shareholders access to exclusive advantages like seats on avant premiers projections, tickets to the exclusive Cannes’ Film Festival, right to have their name listed on the film’s credits, or furthermore to collectibles NFTs (Non fungible tokens) with exclusive content. Utility and collectible tokens will be issued with Eniblock Create, part of the same platform that made possible the emission of the Security tokens.

The Eniblock Platform is simple, modular & easy to use. Blockchain complexity is completely abstracted away, and we can concentrate on the business. More than a platform provider, Blockchain Xdev is a partner who has impressed us with their professionalism, agility and understanding of our specific needs.

Fred Fiore

CEO of Logical Pictures