Open source

Our commitment to OSS

Blockchain Xdev as a company and each of us as individual contributors believe in the power of decentralization & collaboration, and thus we are committed to give back to the blockchain community which is what makes this space thrive. 

Given the importance of open source software (OSS)  we develop and gradually open source part of the infrastructure software we are producing and using.

About Eniblock Connect 

Because there is not a single answer for every need, we are blockchain agnostics and we have developed parallel expertise in the most proven blockchain technologies in the market. This has led us to create Eniblock Connect, a blockchain API gateway that interfaces business applications with the most popular blockchains and allows to easily deploy, manage & monitor every blockchain interaction needed to make your business application successful. Eniblock Connect allows you to connect to it with a single API, configurable for different blockchains, giving you a single point of entry to any blockchain, simplifying at a maximum migration between technologies.

Our development of Eniblock Connect, started with Tezos blockchain API gateway, a project that we open sourced, and has been supported by our partners Nomadic Labs.

Today Eniblock Connect allows us to connect also to Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric & Corda, and for all these modules being open sourced is on their roadmap for the near future.

Eniblock Connect interfaces your business applications with the blockchain of your choice.

Using a single API for all your blockchain interactions: 

  • Manage transactions ensuring correct drafting, execution, error recovery  & successful decoding
  • Handle information storage & access on the blockchain. Handling indexers complexity & accessibility when necessary
  • Account creation, asset storage & integrated vault for secure storage of keys.
  • Simplified operations rollback
  • Operations & transactions log and reporting to feed BI systems